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Jewellery Styling Tips – A Complete Guide

Jewellery styling or accessorizing can be a tricky game for the most. Styling the perfect jewellery with an outfit according to the occasion and body type not only requires a deep knowledge of what is trending but also a creative mind. Dressing is an art and hence not everyone’s cup of tea.

Nevertheless, Dressing is an inborn trait of every woman. Anybody can dress their best if in a total mood to rock to occasion. And to make your decision easier, we have brought for you an entire guide on how to style jewellery according to your body type, outfit and occasion.

There are majorly 2 aspects you need to understand about:

  1. Type of Jewellery

Every Jewelry has some styling rules which when complied with can do wonders. It’s not about the perfect Jewelry piece, it’s about pairing it wisely.

Each piece of jewellery is designed so as to complement a particular style. You may be wondering why a particular necklace looks so amazing on a model while not on you. This is because it is styled with utmost perfection considering the neckline, skin tone and occasion. Necklaces when paired according to the neckline of the outfit can create magic and perfectly complements your attire.


Whereas, earrings are more face specific. Check here our guide on how to choose earrings according to your face type.


Bracelets, on the other hand, are one of the most popular accessories in Women’s fashion. They are more occasion-specific. Every bracelet can be mix and matched with different outfits while considering the place and occasion. If you’re heading to the office, avoid carrying large and dangling bracelets that make a lot of noise and disrupt your work. If you’re heading for a more casual affair, you can try layering bracelets for a fun look.

  1. Type of Outfit

A piece of clothing can easily be tuned up or down with the right type of jewellery. Every piece of jewellery has a buddy. By carefully considering the dress you can effortlessly choose the perfect jewellery for your outfit. Try to work with the trends and study your outfit by its type (Western or Traditional), colour, work, undertone, border, neckline and of course the occasion.

While every jewellery works beautifully with a certain set of outfits, it can also be mix-matched by using a little imagination. For example, a colourful stone pendant can be paired with a crisp white shirt for a formal office look while you can also choose to go bohemian by pairing it with a long summer dress on a beach vacation.


If you’re dressing up in an elegant Indian traditional dress like Saree, Lehenga or Kurti, try pairing an ethnic piece of jewellery like Jhumkas, Kundan jewellery, Pearl necklaces, Yellow Gold jewellery, meenakari jewellery, bangles and gemstones.


While if you’re dressing up in casuals or western dresses, try to go with some modern contemporary jewellery pieces like long danglers, diamond or crystal necklaces, metal necklaces, bohemian jewellery, beaded tassels and bracelets.


Nowadays, stylists and fashionistas are also experimenting with accessories by pairing traditional jewellery with western wear to create a fusion look.

The last and the most important rule of accessorising is to ditch all rules. Make your own personal style that makes you elegant, confident and comfortable.

We hope we were able to help you select the best jewellery for you.

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